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If you got questions about this fee you can contact UDIMI support under HELP section!
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Do you accept "no mobile" orders?
I’m afraid that i don’t accept ”no mobile” orders at all.
How do i change my link or swipe?
In order to change your swipe text or link you need to access your bought solo and make necessary changes there, unfortunately i can’t do them from my end. Click on "MY SOLOS" to the left menu. At top center you will see 3 options "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click in under bought.

- open the solo you wish to change
- switch to INFO section
- click red button "Change link" or "Change ad text" at the bottom right
- make changes and save them
- click "Send changes to seller"
How do i leave a testimonial?
In order to submit a testimonial follow these steps:

- Click on ”ORDERS” to the left menu.
- At top center you have "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click on bought.
- Open the solo you wish to leave a testimonial on.
- You are now on ”STATS” page. Scroll down to the middle on page.
- There you should see an box where you can leave your testimonial.

* You should consider to let at least 10 days to pass before you post your testimonial because sometimes it takes a while for people to consider your offer plus you should always have followup emails going out to your clients under that time.
Can you supply or custom my swipe text if needed?
Yes i can and i will supply your order with a custom swipe text if it's missing one after the order has been placed.
Capture pages VS direct linking to offer?
I get a lot of questions if I can send traffic directly to a affiliate / clickbank offer. Yes I can but I always STRONGLY recommend people to rethink this and change to a simple capture page (squeeze page). Why? Because without it you have little to no control over your leads, you can't collect the clients emails and send follow up mails to build a healthy relationship with them... “the real worth is in your email list”.
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Seller Ratings of Andreas Arvidsson
23 Jul 2021
Good Traffic I will buy more traffic again
N/A sales
23 Jul 2021
Received about 5 subscribers, and got 10% more than asked! Thanks!
No sales
Mike Harris
21 Jul 2021
Very quick turnaround and very appreciated. Thank you!
N/A sales
20 Jul 2021
got an extra 10% in clicks! would order again because of the optin rate i got of over 30%
No sales
Austin Beatty
20 Jul 2021
Very responsive traffic; I wasn't after sales, but I got plenty of sign-ups. Andreas over-delivered, and I would definitely buy from him again!
Got sales
Tunde Ojulari
16 Jul 2021
Great work well appreciated...
N/A sales
Tina Howard
14 Jul 2021
Im new so I thought if you order 175, you suppose to get 175. But it was explain to me that it goes by if people click on your link. But overall it was good!
No sales
Brian Hill
14 Jul 2021
I Got 20% Opt - in Rate
No sales
Evelyn Bacuzzi
10 Jul 2021
Thank you
No sales
Stephen Webb
9 Jul 2021
Thank you for the traffic.
N/A sales
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