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On Udimi you can easily find solo ad seller who can deliver you traffic, opt-ins and even sales fast.

As a marketplace we are directly interested in traffic quality of our sellers

Meet Top Marketers and Become The One Yourself

Meet our elite members inside Udimi member area, get help and friendly advice to achieve success yourself.

In addition to quality traffic and generous commissions, our top users receive physical awards.

What are solo ads?

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Solo ads is a form of online advertising that involves renting another person's subscribers list to promote your product, service, or business. Email solo ads are email-based advertisements where a seller emails their own list with a promotion for a buyer’s product or service. This can be a powerful tool for internet marketers looking to drive targeted traffic to their websites or landing pages.

Typically, the process works like this:

  1. Finding a Vendor: You look for a solo ad vendor who has an email list that matches your target audience. Udimi has top solo ad vendors with verified ratings.
  2. Agreement and Payment: You and the vendor agree on the number of clicks you are purchasing and the price per click via Udimi purchase form.
  3. Ad Copy: You provide the ad copy or a link to your landing page, which the vendor will send to their email list via Udimi purchase form. Some vendors offer to write the ad copy for you.
  4. Sending the Emails: The vendor sends out emails to their list, promoting your offer. This email includes a call to action that directs recipients to your landing page or website.
  5. Tracking Results: The results, such as the number of clicks, open rates, and possible conversions, are tracked by Udimi to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Solo ads are popular in certain niches, such as make money online, health and wellness, and personal development, where email marketing is particularly effective. They are often valued for their simplicity and for providing direct access to a targeted audience.

What is Udimi

Udimi is a platform that connects sellers and buyers of solo ads. Users on Udimi can purchase solo ads from providers who have lists related to their business niche, thereby potentially increasing their return on investment by reaching a more focused audience.

Buyers can choose vendors whose subscriber profiles match their target audience, making Udimi a strategic tool for instant traffic boost. By using Udimi, advertisers can potentially increase exposure to interested parties, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates for their campaigns.

We protect buyers
We control entire process to ensure safety and honesty from both parties: we id-verify sellers and control traffic delivery. We watch for ratings left by buyers to be sure all sellers deliver the best possible results. We give instant refunds if the order wasn’t delivered in full and mediate any types of disputes, making the process smooth, transparent and honest for all parties. How Udimi protects you.

We protect sellers
On the other side we vigilantly monitor for fraudulent or scam buyers to protect our sellers. All fraudsters are permanently banned using their payment information and real names, ensuring they never return to the site. See live statistics of banned fraudsters who tried to get into Udimi.

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All Sellers are ID-Verified

To start selling on Udimi, all sellers must pass a bank-grade identity verification process.

This process is facilitated through, the same system used by major banks and leading websites such as Visa, Amazon, and Just see the list of companies who relate on the same technology.

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Top Sellers in Every Niche

Our top 3 most popular niches on Udimi are:

  1. Marketing solo ads. 3324 active sellers, some of them have 6000+ verified ratings from Udimi buyers
  2. Health solo ads. Second popular niche on Udimi with 324 active sellers, some of them have 6000+ verified ratings from Udimi buyers
  3. Social solo ads with 8998 active sellers, some of them have 6000+ verified ratings from Udimi buyers.
Find solo ad for seller in your niche
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Personal Touch

When you buy advertising on popular search platforms, there is no way you can contact owner of the website you will be getting traffic from.

At Udimi you can directly speak to your solo ad seller. You will always get a quick response and friendly advice about your landing page or ad text.

Some sellers even provide coaching services for newbies for a kick-start to maximize results and profit.

What makes Udimi solo ads better than monster networks?

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Buying solo ads from unverified sources on platforms like Facebook offers no protection. Scammers can easily create new accounts to start over, delete negative comments, and flood with fake positive feedback. In contrast, Udimi ensures safety and reliability:

  • ID Verification for Sellers: Prevents anonymity and fraud, ensuring all sellers are accountable.
  • Undeletable Ratings: Authentic feedback that sellers cannot manipulate, providing transparency.
  • Advanced Traffic Filtering: Continually improved to ensure the highest quality of solo ads.
  • Direct Messaging with Sellers: Facilitates clear communication via our in-house messenger.
  • Guaranteed Refunds: Hassle-free refunds in case of any delivery issues.
  • Responsive Support: Fast and helpful support always available to assist buyers.

These features make Udimi the safest platform for buying solo ads, protecting you from the common pitfalls of the wild market.

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Supreme Safety

Our #1 priority is to guarantee fair and safe deal both to buyer and seller, this is why we took substantial effort to achieve highest possible standard.

Every step of solo order is done only via Udimi platform to guarantee our total control over the process and a successful result.

All payments are processed by Udimi, not the seller. This guarantees safe environment for buyers and timely payments to sellers for their services.

Our blind ratings principle guarantees real, honest reviews from both parties and absence of retaliatory comments on solo ad orders.

How Udimi protects you
If You Have Quality Traffic?

If you can deliver at least 100 clicks daily, you can sell own traffic to our customers. Follow these easy steps and start selling in minutes!

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Get orders and deliver traffic
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Receive a payment from Udimi

Affiliates: Make More Money

You will receive recurring 15% from orders of your referrals. If your referral spends $1000 on solo ads, you’ll receive $150. If you get 100 referrals who spend $1000 a month, you’ll receive $15,000 a month.

As a welcome gift from Udimi, all your referrals will receive $5 discount for their first order which they wouldn’t receive without your referring link.

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