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27 May 2018
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Q: What is your list size?
A: I have 312K active subscribers at the moment and my company adds an average of 28,000 fresh new subs per month.

Q: Do you have proof of your list and sales?
A: Yes, check out some quick snapshots I took for you below...

New subscribers --> http://www.screencast.com/t/aeCEstFKI

Consistent sales:

Q: How are you building your list?
A: Facebook, Bing, Banner Media Buys and PRIVATE Ad Networks.

Q: How many new leads do you add to your list on a daily basis?
A: Anywhere between 300 and 1,800... average is at 800 subscribers per day.

Q: Do you also include buyers when sending for solos?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: (** IMPORTANT **) Can you guarantee results?
A: The simple is answer is NO. I will do my best to send you only top-quality human traffic that generates sales for me and my clients. However, it is up to you to have a high converting squeeze page and offer.

Even high quality traffic can't make sales magically appear when matched with a crappy offer.

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