How it works

First step
Find your perfect sellerSetup your seller profile
Browse Udimi seller search, apply filters that ideally match your requirements to find your perfect traffic provider.Verify your identity, set the price, describe yourself and your offer, then start getting sales.
Place the orderReview new orders
Put your link, select the number of clicks you need and pay for your order.Review buyer’s ad text and website, then accept or reject the order.
Watch how visitors arriveDeliver the traffic
Udimi has an internal click filtering system, so you can sit back and relax watching how new visitors, signups and even sales arrive to your site.Send email blast to your subscribers or publish buyer’s ad text on your site to deliver purchased traffic.
Rate your sellerRate your buyer
After you get all your traffic (maximum 100 hours), post a public rating for your seller and select whether you got sales or not.Write a nice review for your buyer and send thankyou message for purchasing.