Interview with Udimi partner and YouTuber Kenneth Brown

At Udimi we are trying to do our best to bring value and create win-win
situations not only for members of our platform but also for all members of the Internet community. 

As part of this initiative, we decided to create a new segment where we interview our platform members and share with you information about successes and fails, tips and tricks.

Today's interview will be with our active affiliate partner Kenneth Brown. He will tell us how much you can expect to earn as an affiliate partner at Udimi if you are only starting at affiliate marketing? What are the most common mistakes new affiliate marketers do? And much more!

Kenneth Brown - Step Up
Youtube: 11.9K+ subscribers
Instagram: 700+ subscribers

Kenneth, tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you earn your first money online? 
"I am an Internet Marketer and Creator. Started with online
earning ideas from 2019".

Right now Kenneth's YouTube channel has over 11.9K subscribers. He shares with his audience ideas and practical ways of earning money online.

Do you have any secrets related to content creation?
"Providing real value. Just being myself when I create content...I like to speak about facts!"

These are the facts that we can't but agree with Kenneth. The greatest secret in creating content that can make you money online especially with affiliate marketing isn't secret at all. If your goal is to provide value to your audience, your success is inevitable.

Who mostly interacts with your content?
"I get emails, messages on IG, FB, etc. from my viewers on YouTube"

If you are doing business online, this will be another valuable lesson that you should keep in mind. Always link your social media channels. Don't forget to indicate your email on YouTube, Facebook and check settings on who can send you messages on Instagram and Facebook.

How much in your opinion new affiliate marketers with a similar amount of subscribers can expect to earn per month with Udimi affiliate program?
"On an average, if affiliate marketers do proper promotions on a monthly basis 500 USD could be easily achieved. This is for newbie also".

What would be one piece of advice for newcomers in the field of affiliate marketing?
"Consistency. Often see new affiliate marketers give up when things don't turn out their way or as expected. Have to accept the fact that affiliate marketing is not an overnight get rich quick scheme. Little work is involved and we have to be consistent with promotions. Be it free ads or paid ads. Both work."

We want to thank Kenneth for this valuable information and wish him good luck with all his future endeavors.

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