Solo Deal Freebie
Solo Deal Freebie
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Added a new option for solo deals - Freebie.

It's a product that sellers can optionally add to a solo deal. The buyers who order this solo deal will get the product for free.

At the same time, the product will be listed in the Extras section.


(it's not available while it's empty)

It's possible to create several products. To do it you have to click on your solo deal, click "Change Product" button in the Freebie section, click "Add New".

Note that only one product can be connected to one solo deal. Only the products connected to solo deals are listed in the Freebies section.

Add/change product form.


Edit product form.20200125174043.png

The price is only need for the buyers to purchase the freebie files directly from the Freebies directory (without solo deals).

Once a product created, the "Product file" can be changed only before anyone receives/purchases the freebie (to be exact, when it's added to the cart for the first time). This restriction was made as buyers can rate freebies and the product has to stay the same. For now, price, description and other details can be changed at any time.

However the seller can completely delete the freebie.

To sum up:

- a freebie can be received by a buyer for free if the product is connected to a solo deal and the buyer purchases the solo deal. It will be available only after the seller delivers the solo and the buyer posts a rating.

- the freebie can be purchased from the Freebies directory, if the product is connected to a solo deal (connecting a product to a solo deal activates it).

For buyers

Once the freebie is received for free as a part of a purchased solo, the "Download" tab will be added to the solo deal.

If the buyer purchases the product through the Freebies section, he'll see the product on his Home page.

All new freebies (received for free and purchased) are displayed on the Home page in the "Recent extras" section for 3 days.20200127145116.jpg

Posted 27 Jan 2020 at 14:56
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