Custom Affiliate landing page
Custom Affiliate landing page
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Added a new option to the Affiliates section - Customize Udimi Landing Page


• It's a custom landing page that affiliates can use to refer new users to Udimi. A Udimi user can create the page using a special landing page constructor. The affiliate will have to share his general referral link (no new unique link created). Everyone who follows the link will see the custom page.

• A user can create several pages. All referrals will be evenly split up among active custom landers. The affiliate will see the stats for every lander - visitors, regs, profit. So the custom pages can be used for split testing.


• A new custom page is created with default content that can be modified.


• The page consists of boxes (sections) that can be created, deleted, or moved.

The box consists of:

- Image (optional). Add an image, change size and alignment. "Auto" means that the alignment will be opposite to the previous box image alignment.

- Headline (optional).

- Text (mandatory). Using "Placeholder" you can set system placeholders such as a slider with ratings, buttons to scroll to the registration form, video testimonials etc. Basically, these are the dynamic elements used on the basic registration page.


• There are 2 placeholders that are filled from the page URL - {{user_name}} and {{user_email}}.


For example:

{{user_name}} is inserted in the text if the the URL link has this parameter.
If there is no user_name in the URL, then it will be changed substituted with "Friend" in the text.

{{user_email}} is not inserted in the text, but If the user_email parameter is in the URL, then it's automatically set in email field in the registration form.

Posted 22 Feb 2020 at 12:07
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