Wise (TransferWise) withdrawal form update
Wise (TransferWise) withdrawal form update
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Besides withdrawing using Wise's email address a user now can provide his bank details on Udimi.

This way, there is no need to receive an email from Wise to finish the payout.

The Wise withdrawal process consists of 3 steps:

1) Provide withdrawal amount, recipient's currency, name, and email address of your Wise account.


2) Depending on the selected currency, you'll see different payment types available in Wise. Select a payment type and fill out the fields.


3) Confirm the payout. Here you can see the total that you'll receive after the Wise commission is deducted.

The system will remember the bank details for further payouts.

Posted 22 Apr at 22:38
Patrik Radacic
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This update is very welcome. I get the transfer almost instantly now compared to 1-2 days before. Thanks for that udimi

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Posted 25 Apr at 10:39
Nelson Izack Maimu
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This is what is needed. Thanks for the update.

Great improvement.

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Posted 26 Apr at 16:30
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