Miscellaneous changes
Miscellaneous changes
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Improved Messenger, New features, Easier Discount Applying Procedure, Minor Bug Fixes

Udimi messenger update.

We updated the Search feature in Messenger and made several improvements that will help you find the necessary information in message history much easier. Additionally, as a part of Messenger improvements, we fixed minor previously reported bugs.

Profile improvements.

We are glad to announce a new feature in the Profile section. From now on the profile page, you can see how long is user with Udimi. This field is located under the profile name and displays when the user was registered.

Updates for Udimi affiliates.

We know how important can be customization, so we added a feature that allows editing of the header and subheader of the personal affiliate landing page. The Mobile version of the personal affiliate landing page can be customized as well. These features can be found in the section Affiliates under the tab "Landing page".

New useful features for Udimi affiliates.

Now you can review the email addresses of all your affiliates in your account. Additionally, in the Affiliate section, you can export these email addresses as a CSV file.

Improved discounts applying procedure.

Right now the link is placed on the page with the purchase form. Using discounts got much easier. If you have any discounts, our system will automatically display them in the drop-down menu.

Other updates include various billing improvements, bug fixes, system enhancement, and some UX updates.

Posted 1 Dec 2021 at 19:54
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