Extras. Sell Ad Texts and design of Landing Pages on Udimi
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Now users of Udimi can sell custom ad texts and design of landing pages. Sellers can activate this feature under the Seller Setup tab in Settings. Buyers will see the "Extras" order form on the seller's profile. Also, the sellers will be listed in the special sections that can be accessed from other Udimi pages. Setup When setting up extras, you can set price, time required to complete the order, description of your services, and questions that the buyer will have to answer after making the order (ask buyers about requirements of the order). Ordering After selecting the seller and paying for the order, the buyer will have to submit detailed requirements. If you prepared the questions on the setup, the buyer would have to answer them at this step. Otherwise, he'll just have to write the details under the "Requirements" tab. The order can be accepted/rejected by the seller in the same way as a solo ad in the My solos section. Delivery After receiving requirements of the order, the seller will have to provide the services within the previously set timeframe. You'll be able to see the deadline under the "Info" tab of the order. The seller has to submit files and/or texts under the "Delivery" tab to complete the order. If the deadline is missed, the order will be automatically refunded. After delivery was completed, the buyer will either accept it or request modifications. If the buyer doesn't react to the delivered order, it will be automatically accepted within 72 hours. Every time the buyer requests changes, the delivery time is extended to the time set in the "Time to complete" section by the seller. Rating Once the order delivery is accepted, the buyer can rate the seller. Sellers cannot rate buyers. The ratings are displayed on the seller's profile. 100 last orders are counted.
Extras. Sell Ad Texts and design of Landing Pages on Udimi
The System on 9 Oct 2019
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