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I am new to solo email marketing, however have seen good success with a couple orders so far. I have seen sign ups to my offer, which is great, however i have not been capturing any names and email addresses for my own list. Instead, i have been direct linking to my offer.

Nothing wrong with that, however i would like the opportunity to gather the emails and names of all of those who sign up to my offer, so that i can keep in contact and further promote.

I would like someone to please explain how the Custom Squeeze Page offer works, what it entails, and how i should be utilizing this.

(i.e. Does this mean you create a custom squeeze page for me and capture my signups so i can email them and add them to my list?)

All i know is that i have an Aweber account, but am not sure what to do from there. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks so much.

Posted 11 Jan at 22:58
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