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Mlmoon on 22 Jul 2020 at 07:41
Hi Pat,

Welcome to Udimi. I recently started myself. I'll share with you my understanding and hope someone else with more experience can also post and correct any point i may have incorrectly described.

The concept is to create an Optin (aka Presell) page with the hoplink for the product you are selling. This info is provided to the Udimi Seller who connects you with list of potential customers providing you with (Clicks) which you purchase.. Potential customers may either buy right away or leave you their information (email address'/phone contact) gathered from the presell page where you can reach out to them to further sell your product assuming they don't purchase right away. PM me if you need more details. I'm learning as I go too. No need to reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes I may have incurred. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Hi! I'm also quite new to this, and haven't been using udimi more than once before with a bad result. If 'i don't have an email-responder I could still promote an affiliate product if I choose?

Then I would'nt be building an email-list but could still earn from the sales that the seller makes? Is it common to give the seller link to both the capture page and landing page to increase the chance of getting sales, or is it enough to give the link to the sales page?

Maybe stupid questions, but I'm quite a noob regarding this, so I would appreciate some "handfed" answers:-) Sorry if my grammar is bad, English is not my native language.

I wish you all a great day!

Regards Ben

Posted 31 Aug at 15:00
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