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I've gotten quite a few private replies here and on FB from people saying the same thing, they were scammed with fake subs and traffic, and asking for details about who they can trust.

I honestly have no idea who is behind this, and it appears at least some of the sellers bought the traffic from someone else, so I'm not going to point fingers since I don't know who is guilty party is, but there's clearly a scam going on to generate fake suns from the same folks who run forum spam.

I will say this, do NOT look at opt-in rate, it's irrelevant...

1. Look at the names, real subscribers are almost always capitalized, and some will use first and last name. They are never all 3 - 5 letter names, never all uncapitalized, and never come in from the same IP block.

2. Look at the emails. Are they all Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook? Many real IMers have their own domains, and while some use services, you should not see the same ones again and again.

3. Google the IP addresses and find out where they are from, and if they have been previously reported for any spam or abuse. We kept seeing the same cities (Costa Mesa, Winter Park, Albuquerque, etc.). A little digging went a long way.

4. Ask people to hit reply and tell you why they subscribed. Not only will 10%+ respond, giving you good marketing data, but you'll also see what is real and what isn't. Scammers do not engage, hell they probably don't even speak English. If you get 100 subs and nobody hits replay, well it's not a real list.

5. Stick OTOs, upsells, and other engagement/conversion tricks in your funnel to see if anyone buys. Again, no engagement means you may have been scammed.

Finally, a few folks asked if Udimi had done anything to punish the sellers. The answer is no, they put everything right back on me, and those scammers are still selling their crap to people as I write this.

So stay safe out there. There are good sellers: test small, look for over 500 positive reviews, and most of all, track your opt-ins by campaign so you can see who is sending you crap, and who is on the level.

Posted 29 May at 20:46
Jonathan Mizel
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From what I can tell, most of the Tier 1 traffic is not coming from email, and most of the opt-ins are from the same block of IPs identified as Forum Spammers. For example...

This IP block has shown up dozens of times in my stats, from many of your sellers. That makes it hard to catch, because your stats don't show the crap IPs (they are filtered), yet those are where all the opt-ins come from.

I already reported two of your peeps, still waiting from those refunds, and I still see them pitching their crap traffic. You gotta have a clue this is going on man, whenever these IP blocks show up (filtered or not), you know your sellers are scamming the buyers

I'll submit a few tickets, love to see this get resolved.
Posted 23 May at 16:25
Jonathan Mizel
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Hey Guys,

I've been buying email traffic for 20 years, and I just started buying from Udimi about a 10 days ago (even made the Top 5).

I'm not sure what the exact situation is, but I am very clearly getting fake subscribers. Most of them have 3 to 4 letter uncapitalized names, and are from one of a dozen IP blocks identified as forum spam servers.

Costa Mesa
Winter Park, FL

I basically keep seeing the same IP blocks again and again in my subscriber reports, and it's not just from one vendor, it's from 85% of the people I have tested here.

What's more, the subscribers do not display normal behavior. In fact, they don't do anything. They don't open, they don't click, and they certainly don't buy.

So what's the deal anyway?

Is Udimi traffic all BS? Is there some crappy prime source most of the vendors buy from, and then slog the junk off on us buyers?

I ask because I control a rather large budget (between $10K and $20K a week), and I was hoping I'd be able to spend some of that budget here.

Posted 23 May at 00:34
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