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I have an awesome product that's targeted specifically to affiliate marketers.

Is there anyone specifically with a list for this niche?

Let's talk!

Posted 28 May at 07:59
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Joshua Sum on 12 May 2020 at 14:32
Hey John!

Welcome to Udimi :)

So for private messages, it is fine to maybe ask one or two vendors to clarify if they are able to provide you with the traffic you are looking for. However, do try to avoid sending too many messages / cold messaging as it is not common practice to do so. To post a public request, you can actually go to Forum > Want To Buy and post your request there. Quite a few vendors will be happy to provide you with quotations and info on their traffic.

For more info on how to find good vendors, or how to use the Udimi platform, you can go to the Help tab above or in this link -

It has tips on both buying and selling.

As for your questions on niches, funnel feedbacks etc, you can check the seller's profile as they usually state the characteristics of their traffic and offers there.

Hope this helps :)

If you do need more help on starting, or if you are interested in testing my traffic, you can always drop me a quick PM :)

Hey Joshua--

Thanks for the advice!

I just put in an order for 300 clicks.

Let's check out your list!



Posted 12 May at 18:46
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Hi @all,

I'm setting up my first campaign to test different Udimi sellers, and am wondering if there's a "best way" to do this.

So far I've gotten banned from messaging for sending too many messages, and a seller responding with "99.9% of people who have previously sent me similar questions,never bought a click.So I am gonna pass."

Udimi support recommended to just post here.
Is there something particularly 'wrong' with this approach? Or is this just a part of being a newbie to the platform?

****Message Text****
I'm looking for Udimi sellers by testing 6 sellers with 300 clicks each for starters.

Depending on how different sellers perform, I'd like to scale up orders with them.
I have about 20 sellers I'm sending these questions.
Any thoughts are much appreciated!
1. Where/how do you source your traffic?
2. The niche I'm promoting is MMO, is this a good match for your audience?
The goal for this udimi run is to capture emails, and get them to signup for a free account. Purely lead gen. Sales are in followup emails.
3. Do you provide any funnel feedback? I'm split-testing this landing page with different titles (below)
a. THE Free Exclusive Business Masterclass You Wont Find On Youtube
b. Free LIVE Strategy Session With A Veteran 8-Figure Generator

Posted 12 May at 14:09
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