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Uncle Dimitry

Because there are certain people who have gone out of their way to contribute to the Udimi community the most, to offer great services, to be great buyers, and to help turn Udimi into a place that people want to come to to do business with again and again, we wanted to take a moment to return the favor, and offer recognition to these very special people.

While we're grateful to EVERYONE who's contributed to Udimi so far, these wonderful people have really been the lifeblood of our network, and they're a big part of the reason why people stick around, and keep making us their #1 choice for a solo ad network.

The people who you see listed below are our "Hall of Famers". They're people who've gone above and beyond the norm to earn a hundred likes or more. So, this Hall of Fame isn't just based on our users' activity, it's for people who've truly earned it. by being the type of people who others want to continue working with.

So, without further ado, see the list below of our Hall of Famers, and take note of the people there, because these are some of the people you should be working with.

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