Introducing The World's Most Powerful Solo Ad Scheduler (New)
Introducing The World's Most Powerful Solo Ad Scheduler (New)
Uncle Dimitry
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Hi All,
I wanted to reach you out today about a whole new powerful system for managing solo ads you sell outside of Udimi: in Skype, Facebook or on your own site.

Scheduling and keeping track of all of your solos and buyers can be a very difficult task, if you're selling solo ads outside of Udimi.

There is no easy way to schedule these solos and to keep them all in one place. For this reason, I decided it is time to create such a service at your disposal...

I present to you Solo Calendar; the most advanced, yet user-friendly solo ad scheduler and manager in existence.

Created by the same industry experts who brought you Safe Swaps and Udimi, Solo Calendar will allow you to seamlessly integrate your own solo ad selling platform within your website, AND it will allow you to effortlessly add solos using any of a variety of different convenient methods, such as e-mail, facebook, and more.
Click here now to see Solo Calendar, and see first-hand just what it can do for you. 
Best, Uncle Dimitry.

Posted 29 Jul 2015 at 12:48
John Coburn
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Well done Uncle.... a clever solution to a big problem most solo sellers have. We can't be online all hours and I know very often I miss picking up Solo orders from clients on Facebook and Skype... just because I'm away from my computer or (busy living the dream).
added later
Having a booking Calendar that is awake 24/7... and most importantly capable of taking... Paypal payments... is the kind of automation I need in my business. Many thanks
Posted 30 Jul 2015 at 00:08
Eclipse Marketing
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Great work Dimitry !!
Posted 30 Jul 2015 at 09:22
Uncle Dimitry
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thanks, folks! We did our best to make it convenient for fellow solo sellers
Posted 30 Jul 2015 at 13:38
Youramy Sahak
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Good JOB Uncle.. The Best and Powerful System for Newbe like me.. Thank you.
Posted 30 Jul 2015 at 14:41
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