Affiliate Program Improvements
Affiliate Program Improvements
Uncle Dimitry
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We have added few features for you to make more with our affiliate program. Features are on Affiliates > Customize screen.

Guaranteed discount

All registrations via affiliate link get $5 discount

Custom Landing Page

Now you can customize landing page your referrals see with custom header, video and any text with images you wish.

For example, you can put your own video, welcoming your referrals.

Custom Thank You Page

After your referral registered, you can also show your own page with video and text. For example a tutorial what you want your referral to do next.

Automatic Welcome PM

You can write a message, which will be automatically sent to your referral after registration. This will help to build relationship with your referrals and increase sales you get.

Posted 22 Nov 2016 at 13:43
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