September 2017. Udimi Movers & Shakers

Every month we are offering recognition to our top five buyers and sellers of that month.

We just want to thank our top buyers and sellers for doing an excellent job every single month.

To our sellers, remember, by consistently making sure to offer top-notch service to all of your clients, you'll be on this list, as your buyers will keep coming back, and refer friends as well.

To honor this achievement, everybody on this list got this medal on profiles and a medal near the name shown everywhere on Udimi.

Massive congratulations to everyone on the list this month! To everyone else, keep up the good work, and who knows, you could find your name on one of our lists of top achievers.

Good luck!

Ian Magley
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I am looking for clicks and leads/optins for the following businesses. Willing to spend, can anyone help me?

Real Estate agent
Accounting firms
Law Firms
Franchise Broker/Consultant
LinkedIn Guru
Affiliate Marketer
Office space rental
Insurance agent
Day care
Business coach/consultant
(Soon)-Online business coaching/group business coaching program
Mobile oil change company

Posted 31 Oct at 12:33
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