August 2020: Winners

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Top Affiliates In August
180 solos
Anthony ***** (hidden by privacy settings)
161 solos
Marketergenius365 ***** (hidden by privacy settings)
131 solos
D ***** (hidden by privacy settings)
122 solos
Shawn Josiah
110 solos
John Crestani
Cheryl Basera
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John Penwarden on 07 Aug 2020 at 08:34
MCA Income Opportunity Capture Page(s) Needed

Create inter-active MCA Income Opportunity landing or splash page(s). Have images/examples: Google images MCA hiring:

A landing or splash page(s) that are inter-active (click-thru) to affiliate sales link.

Have domain and can host pages, just need pages. Unable to perform this type of task any longer due to surviving a brain aneurysm. However, not giving up on my dreams. Thank you and hope to see some good bids on this gig.

3 days Delivery, Budget: ???

Please include delivery of page in price if this is possible. Thank You

Hi John,

Our apologies but it is not allowed to post other links in the Forum. If you want to look for sellers for your campaign, please post in the Want to Buy section. I will be deleting your post.


Posted 7 Aug at 23:55
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