How To Create A High-Converting Squeeze Page!
Hey guys, I get tons of messages from newbies asking me what a good squeeze page looks like -- and I decided to share some info that will hopefully help solo ad buyers get better results.Although I’m new here, I’m not new to Internet Marketing... I’ve probably created more squeeze pages than I can count (for my own projects and for my clients).This is going to be a super short post... sort of a step-by-step blueprint on how to create a killer, high-converting squeeze page: Step 1 - Background Of Your Squeeze Page After conducting tons of split tests and different crazy experiments, the data I’ve got suggests a fancy background is definitely not needed. In fact, the less elements your background contains, the better. You don’t want people to get distracted from the most important element of your squeeze page: your opt-in form. You wouldn’t believe it, but one of my best converting squeeze pages has a solid color as background (a dark grey that seems boring and dull, and doesn’t distract the visitor).Landscapes are great to use as well, especially beaches or mountains -- just make sure they don’t interfere too much with your opt-in form. Step 2 - A Sensational, Persuasive Headline This is the most important part of the puzzle. Get this right and your visitors will be compelled to join your list. When writing the headline for your squeeze page, be specific and include a BIG, bold benefit... Try to be intriguing and use a “sensational” style -- that always works. Here’s an example of a good headline: “REVEALED: A Brand New, ‘Weird’ Method To Transform Solo Ads Clicks Into Affiliate Sales... Over And Over Again!” You see, there’s a big promise, it’s specific... and I can assure you that people will opt-in like crazy just to see what’s all about. Keep your headline short, sweet and to the point (no more than 22 words). Step 3 - Irresistible Call To Action Great, your visitor just read your headline and is super excited about it! Now it’s time to tell him (or her) what’s next: Subscribing to your list! (Naturally…) Tell them something like this: “Get FREE Access By Inserting Your Best Email Into The Form Below NOW...” People need to get directions. If you don’t tell them what to do, they’re gonna be confused and wonder what happens next. Take them by the hand, and show them the way! Step 3 - Single Opt-In Form... And Double-Confirmation Off This is my own personal preference and what suits my business best, but yours can be different. For better conversions, I prefer ONE form: email only. The less info your visitors have to give away, the less resistance there’s going to be. I found out that I always get a better conversion rate when I only ask for the email, but as I said, this part depends on your objective. I don’t like double-confirmation. Sure, it’s great for better deliverability, but you’ll lose tons of visitors when activating this option. Switch it off. Step 4 - Text In Your Button & Button Color Your subscribe button has to be BIG and irresistible -- you have to make people CLICK it, so use something like this (in caps): “YES, I WANT FREE ACCESS!” The color of the button? Well, I typically use a glossy orange or green, but it really depends on the background you’re using... Make sure there’s some synergy and balance between the color of your button and your background. IMPORTANT: Below the button in small font, add something like: “Don’t worry, I hate spam as much as you do, and that’s why I I’ll never rent or share your email address. That’s a promise.” Step 5 - Add Legal Links At The Bottom I know, it’s SUPER boring, but I promise you that you’ll increase your conversion rate if you use “Terms Of Service,” “Disclaimer,” and “Privacy Policy” links. It inspires TRUST to your visitors and makes you look like a true pro. You’ll get more people to subscribe by being 100% compliant. That’s it! I mean, entire books can be written on the science of creating compelling, email-sucking squeeze pages, but these 5 steps will hopefully help you get better results when you buy solo ads. Also, a lot of marketers usually want “pretty squeeze pages,” but the “ugly” ones perform much, much better... Of course, you should still aim for an eye-catching squeeze page, but what really matters is the copy you use + the call to action. In other words... THE BIG PROMISE. :) I’m signing off... I hope this helps you create better squeeze pages for your online business!
How To Create A High-Converting Squeeze Page!
Cesar Galano on 1 Jun 2020
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