July Changes and Upcoming Improvements
I’d like to review some changes in Udimi we have made for all of you in July. “Got Sales” on Ratings Buyers can define whether they got or didn’t get sales on a solo. Special mark is visible inside the rating box. If buyer has a free site, there’s an option to skip this. Smarter Search We did many logic and design improvements to the search engine. Sorting algorithm has been also improved to bring the most active sellers to the top. “Sales” Icon in Search Results Any seller, who delivered sales to own customers within 10 latest solos, will get “Got sales” badge in search results. Best Ratings Best testimonials are featured on the main page of Udimi to give more exposure for best sellers. Rewards for Ratings Any buyer has 30% chance of winning $4 discount after posting a rating to any seller. In addition, we no longer allow posting a rating with no comment. Upcoming Changes Responsiveness Rate We got quite a few complaints about non-responsive sellers and decided to take action on this. Buyers will be able to rate how responsive the seller is. Averages will be visible to all sellers. This will help potential buyers to make a decision before buying a solo. Partial refunds All partially refunded orders will be visible on seller’s profile. This will give potential buyers better idea about seller’s past experience 100% Refunds and Ratings Currently a 100% refund removes bad rating from seller’s profile. This won’t happen anymore. Bad rating will stay half-visible on profile even after full refund. This will give potential buyers better idea about seller’s past experience. “Sort by” Option Buyers will be able to use own sorting algorithms for their searches. Good / Bad / Seller / Buyer Filters You will be able to show / hide some types of ratings from seller’s profile. This helps if you wish to see only bad ratings for example.
July Changes and Upcoming Improvements
Uncle Dimitry on 12 Aug 2015
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