Suggestion For Udimi
I made this suggestion in a support ticket but I'm hoping that some of you will agree with me and they will see a need for a change in the system. I have done 7 solos and completed them all on time as I am supposed to do. I'm in the middle of my "newbie safe" thing so here I stand, 7 solos done and completed and over $200 of my money being held up because some of these buyers have "forgotten" to rate me. I have messages where they have communicated with me that the solo went well but they forgot to rate me and consequently, I don't get paid until I have 5 ratings. That's all fine and dandy when things are running smooth but I don't feel like our fate should lie in the hands of sellers that are not active on here. Some of these guys haven't logged in since they purchased the solo from me. They didn't rate me poorly either....they just didn't rate me. So in closing, should our pay hinge upon buyers that either forget to rate or refuse to rate you? As the seller, I can't do anymore than complete the solo and ask them to rate me. Apparently, completing the solo isn't satisfactory in this case and I believe that should change. Had my ratings been poor...I would understand withholding funds..but they are not poor. They simply aren't using the rating system and yet, they have gotten what they paid for while a good seller is waiting in the winds. I'm now going on over 1 month of waiting because of this stuff happening. Anyone agree or disagree?
Suggestion For Udimi
Craig Raphael on 8 Feb 2015
Last reply: Liz Hall 27 Feb at 04:20
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Autoresponder Independence [Must Have for all Solo Sellers]
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Autoresponder Independence [Must Have for all Solo Sellers]
Shane Drumm on 13 Jan 2015
Last reply: Angelo Sayson 23 Feb at 17:34
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