Good News! More New Features at Udimi!
Joint Ventures Great function for sellers, who wish to increase number of orders they get, without any effort. This way you can have an army of JV promoters, who will generate you solo sales. Udimi will control everything on autopilot: track clicks, affiliate cookies and credit commissions to all your JV partners. Anybody can start promoting your solos. Nothing needs to be setup. Udimi generates unique affiliate link for each JV affiliate right on your profile. This function is enabled by default for all sellers at 1%. You can define percentage on My Settings > Seller setup screen.   Recommend a Seller This will help you to choose the best seller, based on recommendations from others. In addition, if a seller did an exceptional job for you, you can add a recommendation right on the rating screen. On each seller’s profile, you can find out how many users recommend buying from the seller. On your own profile, others will see sellers you recommend.   Private Ratings If you don’t want to post public rating for a seller, just leave a private rating. It will not be posted anywhere, but Udimi administration will see it. This will help us to seed out not-so-good sellers.   Discount for Safe-Swaps Prime members Every Prime user of Safe-Swaps gets automatic discount on every solo order they do. To enable this feature, just go to “My solos” at Safe-Swaps and connect your Safe-Swaps account to Udimi. Only one solo can cover your Safe-Swaps Prime account for pair months.
Good News! More New Features at Udimi!
Uncle Dimitry on 17 Nov 2014
Last reply: Mohamed Hassan 19 Nov at 00:05
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Happy Halloween! New features at Udimi!
Hello our wealthy buyers and successful sellers of Udimi. Today I am happy to inform you about few new cool features and a design improvement. I am sure they will make your solos easier and improve visual experience. Notes Click Note icon Note icon on calendar cell to add a note about a solo. This becomes handy when you need to remember something about particular solo. Stats Addition: small bar shows progress of each solo. You’ll see your clicks and progress. Date Locking Click Lock icon on calendar cell to open locking settings screen. There are five different ways to lock any day. To make it easier to understand which kind of lock applies to the cell, there are three different colors of locks: red - manual, blue – semi-automatic and black – automatic. 1. Manual. You can lock any cell manually. 2. Semi-automatic. Pick week days you wish to lock and the System will do that automatically. 3. Automatic. Select number of solos per day you wish to have and the System will block them automatically, once you’ve reached defined number. 4. Automatic. Select number of clicks per day you wish to sell and the System will block them automatically, once you’ve reached defined number. 5. Automatic. If you don’t want to accept same day or urgent solos, pick urgency and the System will lock defined number of days in the future. Booking Process Addition: you can edit your swipe before sending an order Addition: you can edit swipe subject right on order screen. We have also improved booking calendar and it became much smarter. It analyzes locked days of the seller and shows only available dates. In addition, it analyzes how much clicks left on selected day on and shows maximum numbers right inside the cell. Please report any issues to support. Best, Uncle Dimitry.
Happy Halloween! New features at Udimi!
Uncle Dimitry on 31 Oct 2014
Last reply: Rick Ling 2 Nov at 06:40
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