Autoresponder Independence [Must Have for all Solo Sellers]
Are you a solo seller if so you need to read this... On Dec 2nd just before xmas the unthinkable happened to me... my aWeber account got shut-down!!!! It was the most disgusting feeling thinking all the time and money I was after putting into my business was wiped in one foul swoop. I heard about other solo ad providers getting their accounts shut-down but I had my account over 2 years and never had 1 issue so I thought I could be okay but NO!!! Even when I explained this to aWeber they were having none of it, they just didn't care! I feared the worst because the people I have spoken to before got their account shutdown…. Had to start over again and build a new list but I refused to give up my business!!! I reached out to a number of people for advice and thankfully some were really helpful I soon realized there was light at the of the tunnel Within 3 days I was back up and running.... Those 3 days were pretty damn depressing though Especially since I got 2 more brand new accounts shutdown in those 3 days It was horrible and the worst thing was…I was all alone no one could tell me 1,2,3 to get back up and running!!! I knew I was going to get back up just didn’t know how…. So what I did was document EVERYTHING!!! I took screenshots of everything I was doing and wrote down all websites I was using, I even made price comparison charts… Everything I needed was documented! I did it all for one simple reason… So no one else has to go through what I went through! There is no need to live in fear of knowing a company can destroy your solo business!!! No longer will large multi-national companies control your destiny!!! You now have the opportunity to be auto responder independent….. Let me introduce my brand new product…. Auto-Responder Independence Your blueprint to get backup and running with 24 hours of getting shutdown but also a lot more, check it out now...…/Autoresponder-Independence.html
Autoresponder Independence [Must Have for all Solo Sellers]
Shane Drumm on 13 Jan 2015
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