Why do buyer has to suffer for your business decision?
I am a good buyer and I had spent a lot of money with you last month to do my solo ads campaign. All of my top solo vendors are gone from your company. Some of them accepted the ads order but did not deliver without any valid explanation. After that you want me to buy ads from those crappy sellers who already had delivered me garbage before. It cost me so much money to find those good sellers and I have nothing to do with them personally, even I don't care to know what's going on with you and the sellers. All I cared the good sellers to deal with and give me a great customer service. I have been a business owner for more than thirty-five years and I try to have a great relationship with my clients. And I find out completely different business ethics you have in UDIMI. When I started with you at first week, it went really bad with DDOS (personal trouble with you and sellers) attacks and I realized the problem and accepted it with care. Since then, I try to order from my best sellers, and most of them accepted the orders but did not deliver. And later I can't communicate with them.I did not ask for a refund, I needed the service. As a good buyer and invested so much money with you, I have every right to find out why do I have to suffer for the business decision you made? Actually, this point you ruined my business strategy and had provided with bad leads because those sellers are not here explain. Like Manny who provided bad leads to buyers and he got canned by you too. I have been with you two weeks, became first and 3rd ranked buyers of the week. Also, 2nd in the month. Please do explain, as a buyer why did I get victimized? Thanks. Reza
Why do buyer has to suffer for your business decision?
Reza Karim on 1 Nov 2015
Last reply: Amy Champagne 31 Jul at 00:03
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