[SUGGESTION] Reduce OD to 15% Max and ban fake claims!
My next suggestion is to reduce the over-delivery to a maximum of 15% and stop fake claims. Here are some facts why we should do that: Perceived value: seeing ridiculous over delivery promise just to make a sale it looks the same as selling the lowest price possible… Buyers Expectations: When solo ads started there was no such things as Over-delivery, with time people started to offer some OD and now buyers expect it always, if the trend continues, the buyers will always have higher expectations. (An exception for new sellers can be made, i.e they can offer their more OD on their first 20-30 orders to get some traction) It’s not viable long term business: Sure you can make some sales now but if more and more people start doing the same, very soon it will be impossible to make profit, let alone long term. Stop/Ban fake claims: The most common claim is “Buyers list”. For god's sake this is more fake than the fake news itself. If you have buyers list you would never have to sell at ridiculous price,offer 30-40% od and 100% t1. Just go to warriorplus.com, JvZoo and see the EPC there! That’s what a buyers list means. It gives you an $1+ epc. Udimi buyers will buy and have expectations to make sales out of a buyers list jut to find out they didn't. They end up being disappointed and don't try again. The more quality traffic & service on Udimi, the better the long term results. Buyers will get quality leads to work with and most likely will come back to buy more traffic. Seller will make a decent profit and be able to re-invest growing his list. Udimi will be able to make revenue consistently as well Conclusion: If we do our best to make Udimi a high quality marketplace both for sellers and buyers, there will be a lot of business to be done for years to come.
[SUGGESTION] Reduce OD to 15% Max and ban fake claims!
Kujtim Guga on 18 Jan 2019
Last reply: Uncle Dimitry 30 Jan at 17:30
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[SUGGESTION] Bad rating handling and moderation
Hello everyone, I think that with the new minimum pricing and limited od we are headed towards the right the direction but there's one more thing that I think could help in making the marketplace even better and it's related to the rating system (specifically bad rating). From personal experience I noticed that most of the bad ratings are caused by the lack of communication between the buyer and the seller. Each time a campaign ends I try to get in touch with the client to know how it performed (and think I'm not the only one), someone replies someone simply ignores and it's fine to me. But it's not fine anymore when you find a bad rating from a client that didn't communicate at all with you, precluding the possibility to fix what went wrong, but even worse when you see some client that even tries to blackmail you asking for refund "...or I'll leave you a bad rating"... That's why I think that could be useful to make the bad rating a two-step process before getting approved, something like: 1) Get in touch with the seller, explain what went wrong and try to fix things up Done? Yes - and the issue has been fixed > Exit Yes - but the issue has not been fixed > Go to step 2 No > Go to step 1 2) Leave bad rating anyway and wait for moderation by Udimi staff. This is just a rough idea but I think it makes sense to save the situation in most cases. What do you think? Maurizio
[SUGGESTION] Bad rating handling and moderation
Maurizio Pace on 22 Jan 2019
Last reply: William McRea 23 Jan at 13:25
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