Setting Up Single Optin With Aweber
Since I just sent this message to help out a customer, I thought I'd share it here for people who may need this information. I agree with Uncle Dimitry that Aweber is a piece of "You Know What" but since I'm still using them, I'm happy to help others who are new to the platform. You absolutely want your autoresponder service to be set up for single/no confirmation optin. You are building a list of potential customers. If they don't confirm, you can't send them any information/promos. When you have your AR set to double optin, you'll lose 60-70% or your subs because people will blow off the confirmation. The two situations that work well for double optin are: segmenting your list or confirmation for a customer who made a purchase and then they'll be looking for your confirmation because they are looking for whatever it is they just purchased. Here's how to set up single optin inside of Aweber: On your home page in Aweber, on the gray strip to the right click on "List Options" and select "List Settings". To the left under "List Settings", Click on "Confirmation Message". Scroll down to "Confirmation Message Settings" and turn off both options that say "Send confirmation message for AWeber sign up forms" and "Send a confirmation message for subscriber imports". Then scroll to the bottom and press the big green "Save Settings" button and then you're good to go! Hopes this helps.
Setting Up Single Optin With Aweber
Jen Johnston on 22 Sep 2018
Last reply: Umar Suwito 23 Sep at 01:33
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How To Really Avoid Painful Scams By Solo Ad Vendors
Hi everyone, Hope this finds you & your loved ones well! :) It's been quite a while since I contributed an article here so I thought I'll share something to assist people who are relatively new to buying traffic... HOW TO REALLY AVOID PAINFUL SCAMS BY SOLO AD VENDORS #1 - Avoid or minimize traffic purchases from people who directly canvass you to buy from them without even attempting to build a relationship with you or provide value first NOTE: This does NOT quite apply though if you approach these vendors first. Many scams occur because people just seem to readily buy from anyone that approaches them. And once they have made a purchase, they simply deliver bot traffic (which simulates real human traffic but isn’t real) or they do not even deliver a single click. #2 - Avoid getting traffic that is priced way below the market NOTE: At this point, it is between 10 to 35 cents per click & this can vary & fluctuate! Good quality traffic usually cost AT LEAST 45 to 50 cents a click as it reflects accurate targeted audience coupled with the vendors’ level of service, ability & competency to improve your squeeze, sales & funnel pages. In the solo ad market, price is often (though not always) an indication of quality. #3 - Only purchase from vendors with multiple SALES testimonials There are numerous testimonials out there but what really differentiates between good and bad testimonials? Simply ones that generates SALES! Optins can be high but if the vendor has a low percentage of testimonials with sales compared to the rest, it is better to avoid. #4 - Great vendors assist you with your squeeze or sales funnels Vendors who intend to run a long term sustainable business & truly wants you to profit from solo ads will make the effort to assist you optimize your squeeze or sales pages Avoid dealing with vendors who just take your money and offers zero advice on your funnel pages. Bear in mind you are creating & building long term partnerships with them so choose wisely. #5 - Top tier vendors will likely have multiple video testimonials of SALES which you can verify with their clients or customers themselves Vendors with multiple video testimonials tend to be the real deal. This indicates they have been in the industry for a decent amount of time and they truly take care of their customers which is why their customers in turn return the favor by creating a testimonial for them. Once you’ve managed to find vendors that fulfils the above requirements, the likelihood of you being scammed is GREATLY reduced & minimised! P.S. Please note I'm unlikely to have the bandwidth to answer any questions pertaining to this sharing as I run multiple businesses and I'm simply sharing this as a form of educational material for people who are new. Thanks!
How To Really Avoid Painful Scams By Solo Ad Vendors
Kelvin Chan on 20 Aug 2018
Last reply: Jen Johnston 15 Sep at 11:13
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