How To Find The Right Seller (part1)
There are 4 ways to find the right seller for you: 1. Use "Find seller" menu on top of udimi page 2. solo deals 3. forum 4. Ask the right Question Let's start from number 1 >> Use "Find Seller" menu on Top of Udimi Page There are 6 Buttons to sort list of seller: Button 1. When you wish to start solo (from 24hours - 10 days) Obviously most of us want it to start now so I suggest to pick 24 hours Button 2. Minimal quantity of visitors the seller is able to give you within 100 hours (from 50 - 1000) I suggest to pick minimum 400 so you will get seller who can complete your order within a decent time frame. Button 3. Price range (from 0.35/click - 0.95) Button 4. Only sellers who are online at the time you search I suggest to search seller who is online so your order can start earlier or if you want to ask or confirm something to seller before you place order. Button 5. Seller who generated sales for customers on 100 latest solos (you can search between 0% - 100%) I suggest minimum 10%, why not higher? because even the best seller in the world can not generate sales consistently as it will also depends on how good customer's offer is, the best traffic in the world will not generate sales to a crappy offer or crappy landing page. Button 6. Minimal number of positive ratings the seller must have (from 0+ up to 500+) I suggest minimum 200+ as you will get experienced seller who are selling on Udimi for quite sometimes To be continued.........(Part 2)
How To Find The Right Seller (part1)
Umar Suwito on 24 Sep 2018
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