Changes to Solo Deals
Hi All, Today we’ve published big change to the way how Promoted threads work. First of all, please accept my apologies for not publishing this change on 13th of September, as we announced earlier. We did that on purpose to avoid first day chaos when everybody bumps own thread and nobody gets first place for considerable time. Changes: 1. All Solo Deals are equal now. 10 Promoted Solo Deals that are locked to the top do not exist anymore 2. All bumps are instant. After bump your thread gets top position until somebody else bumps too. 3. You can still buy Promoted status and it gives you all benefits as earlier (home page listing, mailing in weekly Digest, high position in search results and so on…) but it won’t lock your thread at the top of Solo Deals listing. 4. Price for Solo Deal has been lowered twice: to $75 5. New feature: Autobump. You can schedule one automatic bump of your Solo Deal, based on parameters you set. Note: if there are two autobumps set at the same time, the System will wait at least 30 minutes before bumping new thread. I really hope these changes will benefit all of us: both sellers and buyers. If not, it is not a problem to reverse this change. I will be glad to hear your comments about new engine in this thread. Best, Uncle Dimitry. P.S.: People who were in the queue (about 30 sellers), got refunds and $15 compensation for their inconvenience. Again, my apologies for all people who were waiting in the queue, we did that to protect community from first-day chaos.
Changes to Solo Deals
Uncle Dimitry on 1 Sep 2017
Last reply: Anthony Lipari 4 Sep at 07:55
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