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Change link or ad text

If your solo has not been accepted by the seller yet, just revoke the order and make another one with the correct link. An order also can be canceled if it was accepted, but there is more than 24 hours before the delivery start.

Otherwise, follow these steps to send a link change request to the seller:

  • Go to the Orders section
  • Open the solo you wish to change
Orders section
  • Switch to the Info tab
Info tab
  • Click the red button "Change link" or "Change ad text" at the bottom right (currently, ad text can be changed only from the desktop version of the website)
Change link
  • Make changes and save them
Save changes

If you have an ad text, you’ll have to find all links in the text and change them using the hyperlink button.

Hyperlink button
  • Click the "Send changes to seller” button
Send changes to seller

You’ll see a box with the notification. The seller will receive the link change request, review it within 24 hours, and accept it.

Request sent

Please note that the seller is not responsible for your problems with the link. If the mailing has already started, you can follow the same procedure, but if your seller is not able to stop the mailing, the loss is completely on you.

How to cancel the order

The order can be canceled by the buyer if

  • It hasn’t been accepted by the seller yet
  • There are more than 24 hours before the delivery start

Open the Orders page and click the cancelation button next to the order.

Order cancelation

If the solo ad is in the delivery phase, you’ll need to contact the seller directly and ask him to stop delivery and cancel the order.

Get refund for canceled order

If a solo ad order is rejected or canceled, the money is instantly credited to your Udimi balance and can be automatically used on your next order.

Udimi balance

To process a refund, go to the Money section. Find your payment under the Transactions tab. If you don’t see your payment, check the previous months.

Transactions tab

Click on the payment transaction, and click the "Refund" button.


Note that you have to click on the payment transaction, not on the order or the refund.


PayPal refunds are instant. Refunds of payments made with a card can take from several to 14 days depending on your bank.

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