5 reasons to communicate within Udimi

Reason 1: Scam Sellers

Most scams will try to pull you outside of Udimi, because they know we protect honest buyers and will quickly ban after any cheating attempt. 

A seller can offer a discount in exchange to direct payment, from a first look, it sounds good. But let’s see the stats: Udimi on average filters 30-99% of all traffic. This means if you get 10% discount, you’ll still lose minimum 20%

In addition, cheating sellers will add much more junk traffic if you buy outside of Udimi and you won’t get any refund after problems.

So, basically if the seller asks you to start messaging outside of the protected Udimi environment, that's a scam. Be sure to report such actions to support. 

Even if you got quality traffic earlier, without the Udimi click filter you will get lousy quality traffic and won't be able to get a refund or even post a bad rating on this person's profile. Protect yourself by keeping all communications inside Udimi.

See realtime ban stats: Udimi click filter

Reason 2: Fraud Buyers

Fraud buyers initiate disputes in Paypal and do a chargeback after they’ve received all the clicks. If you are alone and have no experience, it’s nearly impossible to win such a dispute. On Udimi you are protected from this kind of fraud, because we properly collect evidence to fight and win disputes on your behalf.

In addition, we verify buyers by their names on credit card / PayPal, so they won’t be able to come back to us and commit more fraud.

We also ban “tire kickers” and “serial refunders” who are threatening sellers with bad ratings and require free traffic in return.

Reason 3: Disputes

We will not lift a finger to help you if you purchased outside of Udimi and there’s a dispute between you and your seller. We will not take in account any conversations or statistics from external resources. If your Udimi seller sold you fake clicks outside or Udimi - that is your problem. 

But if you talk inside Udimi, we will be happy to help both sides to achieve honest resolution. That’s why you should keep everything inside the system to be protected.

Reason 4: History

We are always using different ways to communicate. Sometimes it’s a pain to find somebody who you didn’t contact for a long time. You have to search in email, facebook, skype, viber, messengers, online order receipts...

On Udimi everything is in one place and you’ll easily find that profitable traffic seller who you bought from 5 years ago.

And after you found that cool old seller, you’ll be able to quickly review his ratings after your order to see if he is still as good as he was.

Reason 5: Ban

We have had many issues where people met each other on Udimi, moved outside and then (what a surprise!) somebody cheated. These people end up with a negative impression about our site. We value our good name and reputation, that’s why our terms of service prohibit pulling people outside of a protected environment.

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