Order rejected

Refund for rejected order

If a seller rejected the order, there was a solid reason for that, because nobody likes to lose money. Just find another seller and buy.

Canceled order

Money you paid for your solo order has been already credited back to your Udimi balance and will be used automatically on your next order. For example, if a rejected solo was for $200 and you buy another solo for $235, you will pay $35.
If you do not want to buy anymore and want your money back to your PayPal / Card. Just go to the Money section and click the Refund button.

Common reasons

Most sellers will send you a private message after rejecting the order with a reason for rejecting the order, so be sure to check your Messages.

But if you didn’t get a message, here are most common reasons for sellers to reject solo order:

  • Seller already mailed the same offer too many times and won’t be able to produce quality result for you
  • Seller sold too much and is overbooked at the moment
  • Seller has some technical problems and won’t be able to mail your offer
  • Your swipe is not well-written
  • Your site has bugs, mistakes or other critical flaws
  • Your offer is something crazy or prohibited
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