Optin tracking

Install the code

Use leftside menu to open Optins section.

Click Add site and you'll see a page with Udimi code.

Copy the code as it is and insert in before </head> - closing header tag (with slash)

Udimi code example

It is important to put the code inside <head>…</head> section. If you put Udimi code somewhere else, it won't work!

Install this code on all site pages you with to track (landing page, signup page, thank you pages)

After you have inserted the code, click Continue button

Add your funnel pages

Add your landing page

This is usually the page with optin form and click Next. The system will search for Udimi code on your page.

Add your “Thank you” page

This is the page where you say “thank you for subscription” or a member area

Add “Sold” page

This is the payment confirmation page.

Send traffic

After you have completed this setup, the system will start tracking clicks, optins and sales on your site

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