Order was delivered

Review the statistics

Click a solo cell to see the stats. If you don’t see the graph on this screen, then the solo hasn’t started yet.

You will see here all delivered traffic updated in live. Your seller has a maximum of 100 hours to deliver all visitors to you, the graph shows a breakdown by days.

Statistics of the order

Click on the graph to see a more detailed distribution of clicks by time.

Clicks distribution

In the bottom left-hand corner, you can change the time zone for displaying the clicks.

Below the graph, you can see traffic distribution by country and the percentage of every country.

Traffic geography

And finally, switch to the “Detailed stats” tab to see details about every visitor you got.

Detailed stats

Click the country cell of any visitor to see the exact geo-position of the visitor.

Visitors geo

You can also export these stats as PDF or CSV with the “Export stats” button.

Export stats

Filtered clicks

To see all filtered traffic on the solo, switch to the filtered tab of detailed stats. In the top box, you’ll see a summary.

Filtered traffic

Please note: these percentages will not add up to 100%, because one click can be in two or more categories at the same time, for example: Duplicate click with no Javascript that has been identified as anonymous.

Below the summary, you will see every single click with the reason for filtration.

filtration reason

Under the “Useless” tab, you can find useless traffic. it is real traffic from real people, but it mostly is useless for you. Useless can be duplicate clicks from the same person, people who left your site in less than 5 seconds, and other types of traffic that most likely won’t do anything on your site.

If you are a Prime member of Udimi, we recommend you to use our optin tracker to see all your opt-ins and their actions on your site.

Post a rating

After a solo ad delivery has been finished and you have checked all the statistics, you have 14 days to post a rating for your seller.

When you are ready, under the “Stats” tab of your solo ad, scroll down to the rating section, write a comment, choose the thumbs button, and publish the rating.

Rate seller
  • Both ratings become visible on profiles together.
    The seller won’t see your rating until he posts his own rating.
  • If you won’t post a rating, the seller's rating will appear alone in 14 days and you will lose the ability to rate this solo.
  • It is impossible to change a rating after both ratings become visible.

Three points above guarantee an honest rating system and the absence of retaliatory rating both from buyers and sellers.

If you got sales after this solo, please select the corresponding option on the right side of the rating form. Unlike the thumb selector, the “Got Sales” mark can be changed anytime, even after both ratings become visible. And it can be changed as many times as you need to.


If you wish, add a video testimonial for your seller. Record it right on Udimi, from your webcam or publish on YouTube and give us the link. Both options are equal. If your rating is great, we might even post it on our special page with customer testimonials.

Blind rating principle

Udimi heavily relies on its rating system as a human-driven backup for automated filtering and monitoring systems. 

We really want to create an honest and unbiased rating system. This is why we really want to prevent symmetric or retaliatory ratings from our users. To accomplish this, we do not allow parties to see each other’s ratings until both ratings are posted.

If you already rated your partner, but your partner hasn’t yet

  • Your partner doesn’t see your rating
  • You can delete / repost / change it as many times as you need
  • In 14 days your rating will appear alone and your partner loses the ability to rate

If your partner posted a rating, but you haven’t yet

  • You do not see the partner’s rating
  • After you post your rating, you’ll instantly see your partner’s rating
  • If you don't post any rating within 14 days, your partner's rating will appear alone and you’ll lose the ability to rate

When both partners posted ratings:

  • Both ratings appear online instantly
  • No changes to ratings are allowed
  • A rating can be removed, but a new rating can not be posted afterward
  • Changes to “Got sales” and “Stars” ratings are allowed indefinitely

The 14 days rating deadline starts on the day the solo order has been completed.

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