Order placed

Wait for acceptance

Once the order is placed, your seller has up to 24 hours to decide whether to accept or reject it. If you placed the same day order, the seller will react faster.

You can see all your solos on the Orders screen. All your future orders are in the “waiting” status.

Waiting status

Click on the order and review it. Under the Info tab, double-check the link where the traffic will be delivered to.

The tracking link is an automatically generated URL that will be used for delivery tracking.

The original link is the URL that you used for the order.

If you have any problems with the link, revoke the order or change the link.

Change link

Order accepted

After the seller accepts the order, you will get a notification and the solo cell will change to the “Future state”. If not, it will be canceled automatically and change its state to “Rejected”. More about rejected orders.

Now just wait for the start of delivery. You can see the start date and time under the “Info” tab of the order.

Order info

When your seller starts the delivery, Udimi will automatically filter and count all traffic. You don’t need any tools for that. Order cell will change to the “Delivery in progress” state and start showing you detailed statistics.

Delivery in progress

If you selected the “Seller is allowed to send earlier” option on the order form, the seller can start anytime. If not, the seller will start exactly on the specified date at 14:00 UTC.

Order rejected

If a seller rejected the order, there was a solid reason for that, because nobody likes to lose money. Just find another seller and buy.

Canceled order

Money you paid for your solo order has been already credited back to your Udimi balance and will be used automatically on your next order. For example, if a rejected solo was for $200 and you buy another solo for $235, you will pay $35.
If you do not want to buy anymore and want your money back to your PayPal / Card. Just go to the Money section and click the Refund button.

Common reasons for rejected orders

Most sellers will send you a private message after rejecting the order with a reason for rejecting the order, so be sure to check your Messages.

But if you didn’t get a message, here are most common reasons for sellers to reject solo order:

  • Seller already mailed the same offer too many times and won’t be able to produce quality result for you
  • Seller sold too much and is overbooked at the moment
  • Seller has some technical problems and won’t be able to mail your offer
  • Your swipe is not well-written
  • Your site has bugs, mistakes or other critical flaws
  • Your offer is something crazy or prohibited
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