Payout Rules

Seller Payout Rules

Every new seller has to prove their own reliability and honesty. This is why do not allow to withdraw any funds, until the new seller reaches a minimum 5 positive ratings from buyers. In addition, 35 days hold is applied to commissions earned.

In addition, to protect Udimi from fraud, we require all sellers to pass an ID check via video recording (person’s passport, real name, address, phone number) to receive the first payout. Cost of this check is $10, it is paid by the seller and is non-refundable.

After all requirements have been met by the Seller, a withdrawal is possible to Seller’s bank or PayPal account instantly.

For all accounts who passed required checks, all withdrawals are instant.

We reserve the right to hold seller’s funds until any disputes with buyers are resolved. We reserve the right to pay nothing to the seller who sent fake traffic to the buyer. We reserve the right to refund any buyer for any reason.

We do not allow cross-medium withdrawals or refunds. This means, but not limited to, that we will not withdraw to PayPal any funds from credit cards and vice-versa.

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