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9 October
FREE on $100+ orders!
Standard filter price is included in order total. Seller is allowed to send earlier, even immediately.
About the Seller
RR Training Track
My name is Robert Rouse, owner and founder of RR Training Track. I am a US based Seller with Quality traffic obtained from representing a top Affiliate Marketing program. i have 49 years of Business Management experience and operate the RR Training Track business assisting affiliate marketing individuals and businesses. I conduct my business honestly and with integrity. I am here to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Place your trust in me and I promise to do all I can to fulfill your requests while processing your orders.
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When do I accept orders?
My goal is to accept your order ASAP and cut the 24 hour Udimi required response down to within 12 hours if not IMMEDIATELY for successful repeat customers.
When will I deliver the order?
I will deliver the order within the requested timeframe and always notify you when full delivery is completed.
Will I receive the number of clicks I purchased?
I will always Over Deliver your order about 12% to add value to your purchase and hopefully increase your results.
How will I know the process has started and when it is completed?
You will receive timely notifications for each step of the process. If there are any issues with the link or other aspects of the order you will be notified immediately.
Is Ad Copy inserted in the email being delivered?
Ad Copy can be provided for $20 per ad and is included for ALL orders exceeding $100 FREE of charge. The Ad Copy will include an ATTENTION getting subject line and an INTEREST generating text. This should assist in setting up the DESIRE created by the Ad to move the customer to ACTION. The information USUALLY will come from the first two lines of the link.
Are there any dumb questions?
A dumb question is one that is not asked. I am here to help you place successful Solo Ads that generate leads, build traffic for your business and are income generating. The process is a win/win for the efforts of our teamwork.
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