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Hello, my name is William Aiken. I've personally served hundreds of entrepreneurs with their traffic needs with the primary purpose to help them achieve the absolute best results. Your success is my primary goal!

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27 September 2018
For your protection this filter can not be turned off. It saves your money by ignoring junk, useless and duplicate traffic.
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Seller accepts in 7 hours on average Order total includes $3 Udimi base filter price
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United States
100% Top tier countries
15% Filtered clicks
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I provide top tier traffic to biz op list building forms ONLY. (Landing Pages) I do not sell traffic DIRECT to sales pages. Your forms should be professional and SINGLE OPT IN. Landing pages that only ask for the email address convert the best. If you ask for name, phone number and etc, your conversions will drop significantly. My traffic performs extremely well for most biz op offers. Offers that are over the top or looks ridiculous will be rejected because I hold a level of integrity to my list and what my subscribers are truly interested in which is good quality business opportunity offers.


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