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*PREMIUM* T1 90%-100% | High OPT-INs | Up to 15% OD | Active & Responsive BUYER List | FRESH T1 Subs Daily | FAST Delivery | MMO/ BizOp/ IM/ CPA
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Another great buy... excellent T1!
Fast delivery!
High Opt-in Rate!
Very responsive and helpful!
Easy to work with!
Excellent seller... Great service!
Second purchase... Highly recommended!
So glad to have bought from Sue :)
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T1 90%-100% | High OPT-INs | Up to 15% OVER DELIVERY For New Customers | Active & Responsive BUYER List | Hundreds of FRESH SUBs Daily | FAST Delivery
NICHES: MMO (Make Money Online) | BUSINESS OPP | MLM | IM (Internet Marketing) | AFFILIATE MARKETING

Let me be your SOLO Provider for PREMIUM QUALITY TRAFFIC.

Although new in Udimi, I have received numerous positive testimonials since 2019.

Here's what my customers have to say about my traffic:

> Fast Speed of Delivery

> Traffic with Sales!

> Quality Traffic - Top Tier and high opt-ins

> Easy to Communicate with and Super Responsive

> Friendly and Highly Dependable

Always At Your Service... Thank you for your support!
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Why choose SuE Tay as your solo provider?
- Over 5 years online marketing experience
- Specialized in lead generation
- Orders will start within 24 hours
- 1000's of clicks sold with positive testimonials
- Delivering Only Premium Quality Traffic

Please note the following before you place an order:

**No Mobile Traffic Orders Are Accepted but Not Recommended**

I Guarantee Traffic but sales and high opt-In cannot be guaranteed. It depends on your website, products and your funnel thereafter.
What are Solo Ads?
Solo Ads are also known as email marketing where we send emails containing only YOUR ads. It is a form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing where you only pay for a Click (i.e. Visitor) to your website.

Most marketers agree that email traffic is still the most responsive traffic, as these traffic can be measured, analysed and is highly scalable.
Which offers convert the best with our traffic?
My lists are recommended for the following niches which would get better results:

1) Make Money Online (MMO)
2) Work From Home Business Opportunity (MLM BizOp)
3) Internet Marketing (IM)
4) Affiliate Marketing (CPA)
What is T1 (i.e. Top Tier) traffic?
T1 or “Top Tier" traffic refers to traffic from the five countries listed below:
1) United States of America
2) Canada
3) United Kingdom
4) Australia
5) New Zealand

T1 traffic is important as they have been proven to be the most responsive group with the highest buying power.
How does Udimi’s Filtering System Work?
Here is how Udimi system filters the traffic:

Detection of black hat technologies (frames, 1px images, etc)
Detection of user with no Javascript
Checking against anonymous proxy database
Open proxy detection and real IP detection
System gathers PC info: screen size, browser, operating system version and so on
System creates fingerprint of the user and removes duplicates
Detection of bots, worms and other non-human devices
Blacklist checks: SpamHaus, SORBS, SpamCop
Connection type checks to remove visits from hosting
ISP check and organization name detection
VPN check and removal
Anonymous check and removal
It’s only after passing all these filters that traffic is counted in your stats.

Why Not Test My Traffic For Yourself?
Top tier countries
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
all the rest
Seller Ratings of Suzannah Tay
31 Mar 2021
Thanks for a speed delivery!
No sales
Dawn Dubin
20 Mar 2021
Great solo, Thank you for everything. I'll use you again,
N/A sales
Simon Changkuoth
19 Feb 2021
Your traffic is of good quality..I got 26 optin and got 5 sale..thank you so much..
Got sales
Daryl Grant
9 Jan 2021
Awsome job Suzannah Tay. Thanks. Have a great week. I am looking forward to doing business with you again.
Got sales
Max Hater
18 Jun 2020
Awesome as usual! Great to work with. I'll be buying more soon. Over 30% opt-ins. Many have double opted-in to a webinar. No sales yet, but I sell high ticket items, so working on my list. I will update with sales as they come in. Thank you!
No sales
Max Hater
17 Jun 2020
Great to work with! Quick turnaround, over delivered, with close to 30% opt in rate.
No sales
Italia Or Linda Elze
2920 / 1
8 Jun 2020
Good solo..good delivery..thank you
No sales
No sales
Boon Tau
20 May 2020
My very first time order from SUE Tay .Great seller,prompt,fast delivery and had received 15% OD,,,will try again next round..
No sales
18 May 2020
Good solo from Sue delivery and communication is excellent 15%OD and good opt-in. I will keep buying from Sue. Thanks Sue
N/A sales
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