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Global list of 350K emails and growing. Highly targeted, Amazon SES cleaned and refreshed daily with new emails. 70% Tier 1. 30% Tier 2,3.
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Hello, Jason here. I have a global list of over 350K emails that you can use. The list is broken down as follows: 70% Tier 1. 30% Tier 2,3. This list has been automatically cleaned by Amazon SES, so you are guaranteed to have your offers delivered at a 99.99% rate. Proof of emails Amazon SES status can be provided before we proceed. As an example, the status are categorize as follows:

1. Abuse
2. Transient
3. Permanent
4. Bounce

All 350K emails status are none of these, as result of being filtered. Let me know which countries you wish to target so that I can query the database to get things going. Your success is my success.
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