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About me
Why Choose To Work With Me?

I Am Reliable.

I Under-Promise & Over-Deliver.

I Understand How To Meet Your Expectations.

Want Less Mobile? Want More Desktop?

Want 100% Tier-1 Only Traffic?

Want A Higher Opt-in Rate?

I know how to help you reach your objectives with precision.

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That's Me.

Want To Make Sure You Do Not Recieve Fake, Useless, Bot Clicks?

Work With Me.

Want Me To Give You Personal Time & Attention?

I Am Willing.

I Look Forward to Working With You!
What Is Tier 1 Traffic?
Tier 1 Traffic Are Website Visitors Who Are From The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Singapore and Ireland Are Also Considered Tier 1.
What Are Mobile Clicks Vs Desktop Clicks?
Mobile Clicks Are People Who Click Thru My Ad And See Your Page Who Are On Their Phone or Tablet. Desktop Clicks Are People On An Actual Desktop or Laptop PC.
What Are Solo Ad Clicks Vs Mixed Clicks And Which Do You Provide?
Solo Ad Clicks Are People Who Click From My Email Ad That Go Directly To Your Landing Page. Funnel Clicks Are People Who Have Clicked On One Of My Internal Landing Page Links. I Provide Both Kinds Of Clicks And/Or A Mix. Both Kinds Of Clicks Are Effective and Productive For Building A List Or For Making Sales.
Anything Else I Should Know?
Yes, I Strive To Provide Excellent Service & Results To Others With Everything I Do. I Trust Our Work Together Will Demonstrate This And I am Grateful For The Opportunity To Help You Move Your Business Forward.
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Delivered as promised! Thanks!
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5 Feb 2020
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Good response, overall T1 traffic was great. Thanks for delivering.
Udimi stats: Delivered 100 out of 100 visitors
23 Jan 2020
No sales