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Ready for Clicks that Convert into Opt-in Leads & Sales? Over 500,000- 95% T1, Active BizOp list members with 1000s of fresh NEW leads added daily.
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Ready for Clicks that Convert into Opt-in Leads & Sales? We control over 500,000 Active BizOp list members with 1000s of fresh NEW leads added daily. Your BizOp offer NEVER gets seen twice. We bank well over $25K a month promoting affiliate offers. 95% T1 Traffic from Google, Bing, Facebook, and media buys. Clicks Media USA specializes in generating make-money online leads for our opt-in lists; hungry leads ready for your BizOp or MLM offer. You know that you have a great business opportunity or make money online product. All you need now are opt-in leads and sales. Clicks Media USA is an American-based media buying firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in building make money online opt-in lists and distributing your business opportunity (or product) to our list in a single blast - Solo Ads. Our subscribers trust what we recommend. When we recommend your offer, the trust we built transfers to your offer, delivering opt-ins and sales to high-quality offers.
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I have seen clicks advertised at $0.40 or less. What makes your clicks so much more expensive?
When you see clicks advertised at $.40 or less, the seller uses low-quality sources to build their list. These low-quality sources are full of freebie seekers who will never pay money for your program or product. 

At Clicks Media USA, we use high-quality sources such as Google, Bing, and Facebook to build a high-quality list of BizOp seekers with money to spend.
How long will it take to get all of the clicks/visitors that I purchase? Will I get all of my purchased clicks in one day?
We deliver your clicks/visitors over a 3-5 day period. We do not drive all purchased clicks to your offer in 24-hours.

Doing so would not benefit you. It is best to see how the clicks perform over a few days. One day might bring you a better opt-in rate and sales than another day.
Where to you find your business opportunity leads for your opt-in lists?
We use high-quality advertising platforms to build our lists of hungry opportunity seekers. We use Google, Bing, Facebook, and media buys. For this reason, our list costs more to build, but you benefit because our lists contain leads with money to spend on your opportunity or product.
What types of pages do you NOT accept?
To get you the best results, you must have a single-optin landing page that requests the name and email ONLY. (Requesting email only is best). 

We do not send traffic to sales pages, YouTube videos, Facebook posts.