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About me
I'm on to my 3rd career phase, as life changes, so must we. With the changing times and further emphisis on line work, I've worked online for the last 5 years+, making money from home,...or anywhere, webinar organizating and solo ad sales. Traffic is the lifeblook of all online marketing and I'm here to support you in your journey of getting quality responsive buyers looking at your offer to increase your results and business level. Dm me for questions you may have.

My view of the world is as a whole, having been blessed to work earlier in world travel and real estate. My conclusion is that we all do essentially the same things in life, just a little differently. Travel, skiing, family and friends are my joys. Reading, learning, food, music, gardening, nature all fall in there somewhere depending on time and focus.
I"m ready to buy, what do you need from me?
I'll need the URL to send traffic to and then I'll send you a link to track your clicks.
What type of offers converts well with your traffic?
My list loves to invest their money online with Biz Ops, Affiliate marketing, Make money on line, and Crypto.
How many subscribers do you add daily?
I add 500 to 1000 daily to my list.
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