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John Witherspoon Hewell IV
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$$ RESULTS You Can Rely On! Delivered From ONLY The Highest Quality BUYERS LIST = RED Hot Traffic That CONVERTS! Fresh Buyers Added Daily! Min 90% T1 (100% T1 Available) -- PERFECT FOR MMO CRYPTO & BIZ-OP.

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What offers work best with your traffic?
Affiliate Offers, Work From Home, MMO, Biz-opp, Network Marketing, MLM and Crypto work supremely well with my traffic.
What is the usual T1 percentage of your traffic?
I deliver a minimum of 90% T1 traffic with all my orders. You also have the ability to choose 100% T1 at the time of your order.
What opt-in rate can I expect?
I usually see my customers get optin rates of between 30% to 71% depending on the landing page. N.B. Asking for feedback on your landing page before you place your order is the best way to ensure you get the best optin rate possible.
Can I show you my Website/Link/Offer before I place an order with you?
Yes, In-fact, I encourage you to, so I can then suggest ways to optimize your landing page for best results. Let me help you.
Do I need to provide a swipe?
The simple answer is No, there is no need to. I understand my subscribers better than anyone, and I know what excites them and what they respond to.
How “fresh” is your list? Can I expect sales?
I add about 1000 fresh buyer ready, pre-qualified leads to my list daily. Also, any subscriber who does not open my email after 7 days is scrubbed from my list. These practices ensure that those who see your offer are warm, ready to buy and are most likely to engage with your offer; because of this most of my clients experience amazing results with sales.
How long does it take for my order to start and complete?
I will usually accept your order within 8 hours and complete within 72 hours. The completion time depends a lot upon how many orders I have currently on the go.
If I order again from you will, I get unique visitors?
Yes, I use the latest traffic tracking, rotation and filtration tools to ensure that you always get unique visitors “fresh eyes” on each of your repeated solo ad runs with me.
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A Mehdi
Excellent customer experience from start to finish. Clear guidance and helpful ideas. Would definitely use again. 51 clicks and 15 opt ins so 29% which I'm happy with. Thanks for the excellent service. :-)
Udimi stats: Delivered 51 out of 50 visitors (+2%)
12 Oct 2020
No sales