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I currently run a blog online, which tailors to people interested in opportunities to make money online, physical/mental wellness, and current trends.
From United States.
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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my profile!!! Here is some info about me: Over 15,000 active subscribers interested in MMO, MLM, Health & Wellness, Crypto, Bizopp, Work From Home, Paid Surveys, CPA Networks, ClickBank, Warrior+, & JVZoo offers Fast Delivery! Up to 10% BONUS CLICKS on all orders TOP TIER Audience (US only) Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
weight loss
Health Wellness
Personal Develop
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Do you over deliver on clicks?
Yes, i actually do over-deliver on clicks. At most, up to 10%
How fast will you accept the click order?
I practice "the-same-day" policy. So acceptance of an order should take at most 24 hours from the order date.
Can I get a refund if I weren't able to receive any sales?
The short answer is no. Udimi does guarantee sale conversion. However I do provide you the opportunity to make a lot of sales with my large email list, which consist on active subscribers looking to purchase products and services.