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Get your targeted leads with me! Offering IM/MMO/BIZ Opp traffic (other niche via Solo Deals). Newbie focused on attracting repeat buyers =)
From Mexico.
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About me and my offer
Looking to grow your business with premium leads? I can help! Strangely enough, I didn´t discover Solo Ads until recently, but am going 'ALL IN' on this form of traffic. Excited to help others find targeted leads - as well as myself. As an affiliate marketer, my list was built primarily via media buys. My traffic is mostly Biz opp/IM/MMO/ traffics and Tier 1 (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand). If you select 'Only Top Tier' I will deliver 100% USA traffic. I will be offering Health & Fitness and Personal Development traffic through Solo Deals only . . . so be on the lookout. Orders place with me will always include buyers. I use Clickmagick (along with Udimi´s advanced filtering) to track orders. As you know, filtering make it possible to send you only real human leads - no bots or fake injections to your opt-in form! Being new to Udimi, I prefer to keep things simple in my offering, but I´m looking to build relationships with repeat buyers. This means, I will be highly responsive, handle your order with the utmost care, and try to go above and beyond to earn your trust =) FIRST TIME BUYER CLICK BONUS! If you are buying from me for the first time, I will over-deliver clicks by 10%
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How is my order processed?
Once you place an order, I will review your link, within 24 hours to make sure it fits with my list (I will only accept links that go to an opt-in page). If I accept your order, I will write the email swipe and send it to my list. You will be given a tracking link to monitor your order and see the final results.
Will you provide an email swipe or do I need to provide one?
If I accept your order, I will carefully evaluate it and write the best email swipe that will resonate with my list for you, for free.  The swipes I write are unique and will not be shared with anyone.  I do this to preserve the integrity of my IP/email service account.
When will my order start?
Once I accept your order, I will deliver all clicks within 72 hours (usually less).
Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?
I guarantee delivery of your order with unique clicks (per visitor).
How do I track my opt-in rate?
Since you own your capture page, you´ll be able to track your opt-in rate through your provider.
Do you guarantee sales?
No.  There is no guarantee of sales.  I guarantee that your offer will get exposure to a quality source of leads.