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About me and my offer
What you can expect: ● 90% top tier clicks - you can expect a steady flow of top tier visitors from United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. ● Laser Targeted High Quality Traffic Our Traffic is laser-targeted for bizz opp, MLM, finance and make money online offers. ● Boost Your Conversions Our leads go through a professional funnel thats been tested hundeds of times, so you get high conversion. ● Ultra Fast On Time Delivery We deliver fast, because time is money. ● No Bots, No BS Traffic No bots, fake traffic or any other shady methods ● Over Delivery With All Orders We care about our customers and we always order delivery 15% clicks on all order. ● 48-hour delivery - I am committed to delivering for you within 48 hours of you submitting your order. Money loves speed! ● Traffic Quality Filter included For Free - I'm using sophisticated traffic filtering to weed out bots, fakes clicks, redirection traffic, low-quality email, and other types of fake traffic, so you're only paying for real clicks. If any fake clicks slip through, I will resend the missing clicks for free. You only pay for real clicks or don't pay at all. You will get a complete filter report when your traffic is delivered. ● ONE-TIME FIRST ORDER SPECIAL-BONUS - if you're ordering for the first time, I will overdeliver on your order, sending you more email clicks than you paid for. You can expect at least 15% more traffic than you ordered. So if you ordered 200 clicks, expect 230.
❖ When will my order start?
If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will deliver your order within 24-96 hours
or less after you have successfully placed your order
❖ Do you offer Tier 1 Traffic?
90% and above Tier 1  buyer traffic with 15% over-delivery
Are Sales guaranteed with my campaign?
No sales are not guaranteed with your run of traffic but there is a high probability of making sales on the front end with your campaign as your traffic is the most highly targeted available.
What optin rate can I expect?
On average the opt-in rate will fall between 20-60% with your campaign. There is a big spread due to the fact many factors com into play such as the quality of your opt-in page
Can I change my link 1/2 way through a run?
Sorry no so please ensure the link you want to run is correct
Do i have to add text when sending the link?
No the link is just great I have email swipes that are very successful for your campaign.
Can I get USA only?
My list consists of 90-95 percent USA traffic but if you specify with a message to me yes I WILL ensure 100 USA at no additional cost.