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Master list builder with broad experience in Internet Marketing (PPC, CPA, SEO, website development, copywriting and email marketing).
From United States.
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If you need fresh high-quality traffic . . . I’m your man. * Always FRESH LEADS . . . * Always HOT LEADS . . . * MMO, Biz Opp, Internet Marketing and WFH Niche * 95% T1 * 95% T1 (desktop only/no mobile) * 100% T1 * 10% Over-Delivery All of these options will be available to you at the checkout page. Hit me up and let me know how I can help you with your traffic needs!
MMO Niche
IM Niche
Biz Opp Niche
WFH Niche
What type of opt-in form can I use?
Single opt-in forms are allowed. Double opt-in forms or forms that capture telephone numbers will not be allowed. I will check your link and log in to your form to make sure everything is working OK.
Can you review my landing page?
Yes, I will be more than happy to review your page and provide you with constructive feedback.
Do you offer "Desktop Only" traffic?
Yes, I do offer "Desktop Only" traffic. It is the "No mobile" option on the checkout page.
Do you offer "100% Tier 1" traffic?
Yes, it is the "Only top tier" option on the checkout page.