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Hello my name is Andre kelley and My goal is to ensure that clicks you receive are Tier1, Great quality and converts well.
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Greetings My Name Andre Kelley and I would like to Thank you for visiting my page! My UDIMI profile is fresh and I expect to receive 100% positive rates and sales. Here's what I've prepared for you and my commitment to your order: ✔ 90%+ Tier 1: US / UK / CA / AU / NZ (Upgrade available for 100%) ✔ up to 10% extra on your order. ✔ fresh and targeted traffic that turns into leads and sales. ✔ Speedy delivery based on the volume of clicks ordered. ✔ Many new subscribers added everyday. >>>>>>>>Which niche/market offers can I advertise with you? <<<<<<<< You can promote offers in the niches of Making Money Online and Starting an Online Business.
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1. What are solo ads on Udimi?
Solo ads are a type of online advertising where you pay a solo ad vendor to send your email or message to their list of subscribers. Udimi is a popular platform that connects solo ad buyers with solo ad sellers.
How does Udimi work?
Udimi acts as a marketplace where solo ad sellers offer their services, and solo ad buyers can browse through various sellers' profiles, reviews, and ratings. Buyers can then purchase clicks from these sellers to promote their offers.
What are clicks?
Clicks refer to the number of times people click on the link you provide in your solo ad. Each click represents a potential visitor to your landing page or offer.
. How do I get started on Udimi?
Create an account on the Udimi platform, browse through the list of solo ad sellers, select a seller that suits your niche and preferences, and then purchase a desired number of clicks from them.
How do I know if a solo ad seller is reliable?
Udimi provides a rating and review system for each seller based on the experiences of previous buyers. Look for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews to increase the likelihood of a successful campaign.
What factors should I consider when choosing a solo ad seller?
Consider factors like the seller's niche, their list size, the quality of their subscribers, their average click-through rate, and their responsiveness to messages.