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My solo ads are not your typical Solo Ads that have been blasted with 100's of emails all day long. I focus on getting you subscribers.
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If you are running your own offers, growing a list, or are an affiliate, I can help you grow your business and take it to the next level. **Responsive traffic geared towards the IM/MMO niche. **You will get English speaking subscribers, primarily from Top Tier countries. **I maintain my lists by cleaning non active subscribers and consistently replenish with fresh subscribers. **I guarantee a 10% over delivery as per our statistics URL. **My lists include buyers. I know this because I myself promote offers such as CPA, CPL etc and I generate sales all day long. **We block any potential bots, abusers, spiders, anon, server clicks. **TRAFFIC THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR CAMPAIGN**
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